10 October 2009

Arriving in Copenhagen

Thanks so much everyone for the birthday wishes!

I left Amsterdam in Thursday night, and I found two very strange
things about the airport...ok, maybe 3. First, it is somewhat
difficult to find the check in counters. They have numbers instead of
just saying find X airline here. Being half asleep probably didn't
help. Then, the El Al counter was pretty protected, with armed guards
(huge guns) checking your purpose before they let you through (and
chasing people down if you cut through the area). Finally, the
boarding process for my plane...you went into the gate area, then sat
there, then it was a free-for-all when they opened the door and we
could walk to the plane. Strange.

I arrived in Copenhagen at around 11.30 and, when I went to get my
luggage, found it soaking wet. Something I had purchased broke in the
bag, and was leaking out all over the place. Lesson learned: I guess
those vacuum bags do not keep liquid IN (but, they are awesome at
keeping liquid out...none of my clothes were wet)! It was a bit
embarassing to leak all over the airport and metro, but oh well!

Friday morning was bright and sunny, which I also took to mean it was
warm, too. I was wrong. It was chilly!! I set off to meet my friends
at the train station. On my way there, I saw a group of about 22 year
old guys, beers in hand, cruising down the street. It was about
10.30am. I guess this is common in Copenhagen:-).

My friends both arrived and we headed out to sightsee and find drinks.
Copenhagen is a beautiful city...lots of old architecture mixed with
newer businesses. It has a great pedestrian shopping street, and
canals intercut throughout the city. We tried to find some traditional
Danish food...it's not easy when you don't eat fish!!

We ended our day with a canal tour and evening at Tivoli, an old
amusement park smack in the middle of the city. It was all done up for
Halloween and really cool! There are also bars all over the
park...something we don't see much at home.

After dinner it was off to the train to head back to Stina's. It was
so crowded, people pushing like on the 1 California through Chinatown.
Not pleasant. We found out later the crowd had just come from a green
day concert.

Just a few more days til i head home. I'm having a terrific time, but
am definitely starting to miss my own bed!!

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