10 October 2009

Sleeping In

Today was the first day I actually slept in at all throughout the
entire vacation. It was nice, and set a super mellow tone to the day.

We ate "breakfast" around 11.30. Then headed out to see Malmo. We
actually ended up at a non-Ikea furniture store that had some awesome
stuff! Then saw this new building called "turning torso," I guess
because it looks like a body turning.

It was cold and we were tired, so after grocery shopping, did a car
tour of downtown rather than walk around. Soon it was back home to eat
and drink.

I swear, I have eaten more these past two days than I have over the
whole last week. I need a lot of exercise to work it off, especially
since it's been a lot of cheese!

There was a big Denmark-Sweden soccer game tonight (actually in
Copenhagen, we saw a lot of attendees coming into town yesterday), so
I watched that. About halfway through my friend realized I was
watching the Danish station instead of Swedish, and wondered how I
couldn't tell the difference? It all sounds the same to me!

Tomorrow it'll be up to Stockholm for the last day of my trip. It's
all gone by so fast!

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