06 October 2009

Rain Rain go Away

I have never heard anyone snore like the guy in the room next to me. I
could hear him through the wall and despite the earplugs I was
wearing. There is someone else in his room...I have no idea how s/he
is getting any sleep.

At any rate, day 3 here was rather quiet, cold, and rainy. I set out
for the Van Gogh museum once I got myself together. It has some really
great pieces, but was way too crowded. I like getting close to Van
Goghs because you can really see the movement and texture of his
paintings...unfortunately, to do that yesterday meant climbing through
a bunch of older folks on am excursion from their cruise. Which
meant...they don't move.

After that I just walked around and got completely lost. I am not
quite sure where I was...I think the Jordaan neighborhood. I
eventually found my way back to the old Center and realized how
flippin cold it was. And if it's this cold here, it'll be colder up
north. It was time to invest in a new jacket.

I of course found a store with a sale, and got a coat that will also
serve me well when I get home. I decided to keep shopping, and netted
a new pair of shoes as well as a new dress. Hooray!

The cold drove me back to my hotel where I could pump up the heat and
take a nap. It was so cozy, I was not looking forward to heading back
out in the cold and what then was a steady downpour. I did, though,
and after quite a walk settled on an English pub for dinner...then
later met up with my new friend at a bar near my hotel for a few
drinks. We watched cricket, I think, which may be the weirdest game

I'm hoping to catch at least some of the upcoming baseball playoffs.
There are a few bars here with ESPN America, which seems to broadcast
other networks' telecasts.

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Pernilla said...

Are you planning on checking out the Anne Frank museum? I would love to go there!

So excited to see you so soon!!!! Hugs!