04 October 2009

Things I've Learned So Far

Last night, after narrowly avoiding (in my eyes) being hit by a car,
my friend Tony informed me that if a car hits a bike in Amsterdam, no
matter what, it's the car's fault.

Which means nothing when you're dead after being hit. I was then told,
by Stacie, Tony's wife, and their friends that I probably shouldn't
follow him if I valued my life. Lesson learned!

I've learned a few more things in my first two days here:
- having a cold at the start of your trip is no fun
- when the Qs tell the babysitter they'll be home at 2am, they mean it!
- cars stop for people. Bikes do not
- English stag party attendees are more obnoxious than American
bachelor party attendees
- men do actually use the whorehouses (I know this is a duh point, but
I actually witnessed a group of men waiting outside for their friend
to finish up...after seeing said friend go in with a prostitute)
- the prostitutes, for the most part, are a little worn. The ones in
the windows have ample bellies on display, many with c-section scars,
and average about 40+. Sad, really.
- white people dredlocks are still standard on young travelers.
- white people dredlocks are still gross
- it is really easy to get lost on the little streets here, but
eventually you'll have walked yourself into a circle and back where
you're supposed to be
- I will leave A'dam at least 3 pairs of shoes richer

Last night I was lucky enough to hang out with the Qs and their
friends to celebrate Stacie's bday. We rode bikes all over (so
awesome), drank lots of beer (well, I did!), ate some terrific
Indonesian food, and I eventually hot "home" about 3am. So...no jet
lag, but being out late means a late start to the next day (or, more
accurately, that day).

I finally rolled out about 11.30ish and just wandered around. This
cold is working it's way out of my system...if it doesn't clear soon
I'm gonna see about antibiotics for a sinus infection. I'm hoping
it'll be gone tomorrow, though. I tried to do one of the free walking
tours that came highly recommended...but the group was too large and I
found the guide obnoxious, so I bailed for a siesta.

I'm hanging out now, getting ready to go to this bar near my hotel to
watch some NFL. I feel that it's only right on a lazy Sunday, even
while on vacation!

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David Salinas said...

Glad you didn't get hit. Don't forget to look both ways!