08 October 2009

Last Day in the 'Dam

Despite being up until very late last night (and, when I wrote the blog, I was at least 8 beers in...and many of them were very strong beers), I was up around 8 this morning to get my day started and myself over to the Anne Frank House. And...it wasn't raining! In fact, the sun was shining and it was kind of warm, too.

I hadn't originally planned on going there, but an old coworker told me it was one of the highlights of her recent trip here, so I thought I would check it out. It was pretty amazing...I haven't read the book in a long time, but I remember a lot about it. Seeing what I read about in person is pretty amazing. It was actually much bigger than I thought (I thought it had been like a studio), but it was still very small for 8 people. So sad seeing what they, along with many others, had to go through.

After that, I met up with the Qs to hit the beer store. They serve a lot of Belgian beers here, and each one has its own glass. The glasses are very cool, and I wanted to get a couple. So we went there for a little shopping, then rode around to a few other places before settling down for lunch. It has been really awesome of the both of them to spend so much time with me!

We headed home and I was ready for a nap, but could not spend my last day here napping. I had to spend more time with the bike before we parted ways. Seriously, I am going to miss that thing (when we were talking about what time I needed to leave to get to the airport, Stacie said...we need to budget some time for me to wrestle you off the bike...hee!). So I just rode around by the museums and then through their neighborhood. It was such a nice day here, and such a fantastic bike ride.

Back at the homestead I had to wrestle all my stuff back in the suitcase and extra bag I'm borrowing. My room looked like a tornado ran through it (no surprise, I know). I am really not looking forward to lugging that stuff on the tram and train. Ugh.

Amsterdam has been way more awesome than I thought it would be. It is so comfortable here; I felt less like a tourist and more like a local. This is in huge part thanks to the Qs, who have been so hospitable and made my time here even more fun. Thanks!!

Tonight I head off to Copenhagen, and will meet up with my friends in the early afternoon for a fun weekend. I can't wait!

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Pernilla said...

Neither can I! :) I am so glad you enjoyed Amsterdam! Cool!