18 September 2007

Attack of the Bugs

Anyone out there? Leave us a comment and let us know:-) (how's that for bossy)

I swear I am bound to get malaria from all the bug bites I have. You may think I am exagerating, but...you can trust there won't be many pictures of me from this trip because I have huge welts all over my face. I also have a bite on the palm of my hand, the other side of my hands, arms, legs, shoulders, back. It is ridiculous, and I have no idea how to stop it.

Pebbles also has a few bites, but I don't know why so many are deflecting onto me. It is starting to depress me, and make me a little sick from the itching. Pebbles also seems to have a cold, which stinks. I can't tell if that is why I don't feel well (may have caught it) or if it is just the bites.

Stupid Italian mosquitoes. I am hoping it is better in Cinque Terre.

We are off in just about an hour to hit the beach. Yay!


Unknown said...

Hi Annie
Maybe the bug bites are really an allergic reaction to someting. I had it once in Greece and had bumps all over. Went to a pharmacy in Italy (they are trained very well -might as well be doctors) and he knew exactly what it was, gave me some pills and it cleared up in a few days.
Sounds like you are having a great time. I'm jealous. Have fun hiking all the hill towns.

Unknown said...

Hi Annie,

Maria gave me the link to your blog and I have really enjoyed traveling vicariously with you thru your wonderful updates. I am so envious I'm not there (although your bug bites sound misserable, hopefully you'll find something to give you relief- or just keep drinking.)

Save travels,


Anonymous said...

More than one Bill is checking on your progress. At least one you know from Boston. It is good you are dealing with the challenges.

Unknown said...

Hello Annie & Pebbles,
It's Sallie and I too am traveling with you vicariously! Thanks for being so dedicated to keeping us posted, I look forward to it daily. I am thrilled you are having such a great time and seem to be traveling well together.....that is not always easy. (I know Pebs is not a morning person -- tee hee Pebs----just remembering our cruise!) Continue to have a blast while we slave away at our jobs day in and day out, making pennies just to pay for our gas! Looking forward to more updates soon!
XO and be safe! Sallie